The Bridge Talks

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I am proud and pleased to have been involved in the concept and production of a new video series, “The Bridge Talks”, with my old friend, Marcus Rubenstein of APAC.NEWS, which was launched this week. Episode 1 hears the stories of three Australians (Nicole Webb, Jesse White and Harry Harding) and the journeys which took them to China and back. As you will hear, their lives have been greatly enriched by the experience of living and working in China and, more importantly, they highlight the importance of people-to-people interaction and personal relationships which goes far beyond politics, trade wars and media hype.
Please take a moment to watch the short video and, if you think it adds some value to the current debate about China, please send the link to your friends and colleagues and encourage open-minded people to watch and share it with their own networks.

Watch out for episode 2 which will follow shortly.

Found this issue interesting? Share on your social network!

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