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In a move that seems likely to create a bonanza for dairy farmers around the world, renowned Chinese doctors and even the Government have advocated drinking milk as a means to get more protein, a vital ingredient in building the body’s immune system and, most importantly, a potential shield against the dreaded COVID-19. According to China Skinny “this endorsement of dairy has stirred up a feverish debate online – whether to start the day on traditional steamed buns and congee (rice porridge), or to chow into milk, eggs and toast to ensure the family has the best chance of staying healthy”.

Bloomberg reports: “because of its large population, China is already second to the U.S. in dairy sales and is forecast to take the top spot by 2022. It’s also the third-largest producer of cow’s milk. Yet it has a lot of room to grow. Annual per capita consumption has risen to about 34 litres, according to China’s State Administration for Market Regulation — that’s still a fraction of the 100 litres the average Australian consumes. By 2025, China’s government expects milk production to reach 45 million tons, 30 times what it was in 1980. That will mean dedicating more farmland to raising and feeding cows, both at home and abroad”.

What if the Chinese Government insisted that every school child in China (say 200 million or so) was required to drink a glass of milk every day?


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