Issue 500

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When I started my regular “China Bites”, I never imagined I would get to issue 500 in such quick time but in this, the Year of the Rat, there has been no shortage of topics to write about, and the pace of news, politics and speculation has been unrelenting. With less than two weeks to go until the start of Year of the Ox (whose characteristics are often described as “calm, patient, methodical and trustworthy”) this might be a good time to slow things down a bit.

My plan from the start of the Year of the Ox is to give your inbox a bit of a rest by moving to a weekly issue of China Bites, rather than daily. This will include links to other articles or issues that will appear on the China Bites web site from time to time, and I will continue to seek out areas where I can contribute to the ongoing debate about China’s place in the world, and the impact it’s having on all of our lives.

Thank you for all your support, encouragement and feedback. Keep it coming!

Found this issue interesting? Share on your social network!

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