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  • Biden and China

    With the exception of 70 million Trump supporters, you could hear the audible sigh of relief last Saturday night (local time) as the US, global leaders and the rest of the world celebrated the end of the Trump era with the hope of a more stable, predictable and strategic leadership…
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  • Desperate Measures

    Australia’s trade relationship with China hit a new low last Friday when it was reported in the Chinese media that seven Australian commodities (wine, coal, barley, copper ore and concentrate, sugar, timber, wine and lobster) amounting to $6 billion in annual trade would be turned away from Chinese ports and…
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  • All eyes on Singles Day 2020

    You know you’re approaching the end of the year when it’s time to start talking about “Singles Day”, China’s version of ‘Black Friday’ which falls on 11th November each year (“Double 11”) and, since it was first introduced in 2009 to celebrate singledom or bachelorhood, has become Alibaba’s flagship shopping…
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  • Struggles and Fortitude

    Whilst we’re still waiting to learn the outcome of the US Election, I would recommend you spend a moment listening to the latest issue of the Little Red Podcast on "Xi Dada and Daddy: Power, the Party and the President" to gain an understanding of the origins and influences of the President…
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  • US Election Day 2020

    Whilst American elections are always described as “the most important ever”, I think we can all agree that this one will be watched more keenly than most and, if early indications are to be believed, will attract the highest voter turnout in living memory. The last 4 years of President Trump…
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  • Trumped

    As President Trump faces the verdict of the American people on whether he will continue for another four years, you would assume that he will get the support of local farmers. According to a new report studied by Caixin: "China is accelerating its agriculture purchases from the U.S. with imports…
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  • Power of Four

    Many thanks to all readers and followers who downloaded, read and commented on my recent eBook Four Critical Success Factors to WIN in China which appears to have provided a useful framework for SMEs to consider when conducting their research in China.I am working through a couple of research projects at the…
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  • Raffles Plaza, Chongqing

    I’ve always had a fascination for the city of Chongqing in the central west area of China, a city of over 30 million people and a “Municipality” in its own right, meaning that it is one of only four Chinese cities under the direct administration of the Central Government of…
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  • Credit Culture

    When I grew up, my parents told me to be very careful with credit cards and so I hardly used them at all. When I did, I paid them off almost immediately and never beyond the due date. When I moved to Australia in 1995, I was surprised to find…
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