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  • Social Credit

    I’m often asked about China’s “social credit system”, a plan to implement a national ranking system for Chinese citizens and companies which monitors behaviour and allocates/deducts points, and Visual Capitalist have done a good job of explaining how it all works in this Infographic.  As explained, under the heading “The Game of Life”,…
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  • Laying new BRICs

    While our eyes and minds are diverted by the US-China Trade War, President Trump’s twitter feed, conflicts in the Middle East, domestic politics, sport and celebrity gossip, we’re missing some important events and announcements emerging from recent meetings between the leaders of China, Russia and India. These “Big Rapidly Industrialising…
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  • Bragging Rights

    It may come as a surprise to many people, and it did to me the first time, but the Chinese will pay lots of money to attend a political lunch or dinner where they may get the chance to be photographed next to a foreign Prime Minister or senior Government…
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  • Jack Ma – the Face of Modern China

    Of all the billionaires in the world today, it would be hard to find anyone as universally popular and widely respected as Jack Ma, who stepped down as Chairman of Alibaba this week after amassing a US$41.8 billion fortune whilst creating Alibaba, the largest e-commerce firm in the world and…
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  • Eradicating Poverty in China

    While we’re all focused on the opportunities arising from China's affluent middle class and the ultra rich, it’s pleasing to see that, despite lifting well over 600m people out of poverty over the past 30 years, China’s Government is still focused on eradicating poverty altogether by 2020. This is seen…
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