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  • Changing of the Guard

    If you needed any more evidence of the increasing influence of Asian countries as we head deeper into the Asian Century, look no further than this year’s Academy Awards ceremony which saw the Korean movie “Parasite” sweep the Oscars, winning the prestigious awards of “Best Picture”, “Best Director”, “Original Screenplay”…
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  • Digital Refugees

    It’s well known that one of China’s biggest challenges is the “ticking demographic time bomb” of its aging population. China now has 249 million senior citizens aged 60 or above, 17.9% of the country’s total population and, by 2050, this will rise to 587 million, which is about one-third. 60…
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  • Tea or Coffee

    The growth of Starbucks in China, a country known for its obsession with tea (‘all the tea in China’) is nothing short of amazing. When I first heard that Starbucks was planning to open a new store in China every day for the next five years, I started worrying about…
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  • People and Productivity

    It’s generally accepted that building an economic super-power involves expanding your population and increasing productivity. Jim O’Neill, who invented the ‘BRIC’ acronym back in 2001, recognised the growing importance of highly populated countries, particularly China and India but also Indonesia and Nigeria, who were in the early stages of reform, urbanisation and industrialisation.…
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  • Adventure Tourism

    Whilst its generally known that Chinese tourists are generally seeking different holiday experiences from westerners (who are more likely to enjoy lying around beaches, resorts and restaurants for weeks at a time) I didn’t realise how fast they have moved from a desire to “be pushed out of their comfort…
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  • Cultural Cringe

    When I grew up in the UK in the 60s and 70s, I remember British people complaining about the spread of American culture. In those days, we said “Hello” not “Hi”, we were corrected from saying “Yeah” instead of “Yes” and only the most rebellious kids got away with wearing…
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  • How to communicate in china 3 top tips by david thomas

    Boost your communication skills in China with 3 simple steps

    Anyone who has had any experience of doing business in China will tell you that, despite common perceptions and assumptions, the greatest communication challenge is not usually caused by language differences.  Direct V Indirect Communication Whilst of course you are always going to have a big advantage if you can…
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  • Source: Lowly Institute, The Interpreter

    Fear and Greed

    If there’s one country that has got itself into a bind in trying to figure out where it sits in the world between a rampant Donald Trump and a rapidly growing China, it must surely be Australia! Look at this chart by Lowly Institute, The Interpreter : As so succinctly…
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  • BRICS Summit 2019

    Last week’s BRICS Summit, the 11th since the first BRIC Leaders Summit in 2009, appears to have been different from previous meetings for two important reasons. Firstly, there was a lot more media coverage than normal, and secondly, there were some real tangible outcomes and a focus on trade, investment…
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