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  • Waiting for Godot

    Here is the latest in our “Reflections on 2020” series from Angus M Robinson:“2020 is likely to be remembered in the annals of Australian history as the year of the great COVID-19 Pandemic and the year in which Australians, not helped by the rhetoric of their national Government, and after decades…
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  • Fast Forward

    For all of you concerned about recent geo-political events, and wondering how trade tensions and diplomatic skirmishes are likely to turn out, I highly recommend you take some time out of your day to listen to the 2020 Lowy Lecture delivered by Fareed Zakaria, which is a calm, intelligent and wide-ranging…
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  • Reflections on 2020 – Dr Xisu Wang

    As promised and planned, China announced last week that it has brought its last 70 million people out of absolute poverty, an amazing achievement in 2020.According to my old friend, Dr Xisu Wang, “a client of mine accompanied President Xi on a visit to the poorest woman in her 80s…
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  • Shaping the New World Order

    A quick scan of the world map identifying more than 3,485 Chinese Government-financed projects in 138 developing countries (see the Infographic below from Visual Capitalist) is a good reminder to OECD countries to find ways of working with China to shape the new world order of the future, rather than clinging…
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  • Beyond “Clean and Green”

    For many years, countries with a reputation for offering products manufactured in a “clean and green” environment were given a free pass into China. Not any more. As I said in my recent article for Inside FMCG magazine (Oct 2020), “it’s clear from recent research that “clean and green” is no longer…
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  • Reflections on 2020 – Michael Harding

    Every Friday I plan to share some of the stories, comments and reflections on this crazy 2020 year received from friends, colleagues and fellow China-watchers. Here is the first, from Michael Harding, an Australian living in Guangzhou:“This year, I have been in Guangzhou, China the entire time. Before COVID19, and during…
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  • Positive Sentiment

    Following on from previous issues pointing out the recent rise in China’s investment markets (see Buy China?, Free Flow, Investing in China and Mega Trend), the FT reports that "the onshore-traded renminbi has strengthened 8.4% against the greenback since the start of June to RMB6.585. The currency is up more than 5.7% in 2020. China’s…
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  • Boosting the Birth Rate

    Following on from yesterday’s issue, Population and Productivity, it's interesting to read about China’s new commitment to boosting its birth rate and addressing its rapidly ageing population. The Chinese Government has shown itself capable of controlling many things, but can it encourage/motivate/command hard-working and stressed-out married couples to produce more children?China’s…
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  • Population and Productivity

    With the world entering The Fourth Industrial Revolution, and becoming increasingly reliant on telecom and IT services, the size of your population and the level of productivity are the two metrics that are likely to matter more than any others, meaning that China and India are destined to become the two…
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