Four Critical Success Factors to WIN in China

China is not one market, it’s many markets, each with different characteristics, opportunities and challenges. From my experience, whilst doing your research, it will be essential for you to focus on the four critical success factors which will form the foundation of your market entry strategy for China:

Ultimate Guide to Entering the China Market for SMEs

The process of entering the China market is long, complex and challenging. There are important Do’s and Dont’s, and you should avoid taking short cuts. In my “eight critical steps” you will learn how to get started, what to be aware of, and how you can give yourself the best chance of success over time.

Three Cups of Tea

Despite some of China’s significant economic advances in recent times, their approach to doing business remains refreshingly similar to the way they’ve done business over the past one thousand years. In this new eBook, I’ve taken everything I know about cross-cultural challenges and the process of building long-term sustainable business relationships and provided you with a 3 step guide to doing business in China.

China - Shaping the New World Order

I am delighted to release a copy of my new e-Book, “China – Shaping the New World Order” which includes a collection of articles from recent issues pointing out the significant shifts taking place around the world, with China at the centre.