Beyond the Numbers

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More positive news about China’s economic recovery comes from Reuters, who reported this week that “profits at China’s industrial firms grew for the eighth straight month in December, suggesting a sustained recovery as the manufacturing sector rapidly emerged from its COVID-19 slump. Profits surged 20.1% year-on-year in December to 707.11 billion yuan ($109.40 billion), after rising 15.5% in November”. China looks to be well on track to deliver its projected 8% plus GDP growth rate in 2021, a sharp recovery by any measure, and providing a much needed stimulus to other countries who remain open to building trade, investment and diplomatic relationships with the world’s second largest economy.

As my good friend, Tracy pointed out to me earlier this week, quite apart from providing opportunities to make money, “China is a great place. The people are great, the cities are great, the culture and history is great, and the food is great”. She’s right of course. It’s not all about money, politics and power. If you’ve lived in China, or spent any time there, you know that China offers so much more than what you read in the news headlines. The worst thing about 2020 was not being able to go there.

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