Back to Normal

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At yesterday’s ACSME webinar on-the-ground live stream interview with Michael Harding, direct from Pazhou New Village in Guangzhou, we learnt so much about ordinary life in China today and I can’t wait to show you the brief highlights package we’re putting together which will be ready to view on Monday.

Some key insights were:

  • Life for ordinary people in China has returned to normal. Shops and restaurants are full, people are walking around the streets (mostly without masks, at least in outdoor areas) and business is essentially back to normal.
  • Premium supermarkets are well stocked with foreign products (from Chile, Australia, New Zealand and other countries) and selling well at reasonable prices.
  • There was one reported Covid case in Guangzhou this week which was swiftly dealt with, isolated and quarantined. For all intents and purposes, China is “Covid free” now.
  • Whilst Chinese business people are aware of the US-China trade tensions, there is not much talk of problems with other countries
  • Chinese people are keen to buy foreign products from countries with a proven track record for quality, safety and reliability

The message from Michael was clear. If you have a product which will appeal to Chinese consumers, now is the time to promote it in China.

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