Author: David Thomas

Keynote speaker, thought leader and business futurist, David Thomas inspires, motivates and educates global business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors about the massive potential offered by modern China. He takes them on a journey to identify, build and facilitate long-term business and investment relationships and he arms them with the knowledge and tools to navigate the cross-cultural challenges. David is regularly asked to speak in conferences, seminars, workshops and board meetings around the world on a wide range of topics, including ‘Future Trends’, ‘Innovation’, ‘Leadership’, ‘Disruption’ and ‘Globalisation’ with a particular focus on China and its changing role and impact on the global economy. He is well known in the Asia Pacific region as a ‘China Expert’. Today, David is the Founder and CEO of Think Global Consulting and the author of China Bites. Think Global facilitates business and investment partnerships between developed and emerging markets, particularly in China.