Xiaomi in China

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When it comes to smartphones in China, you are probably familiar with brands like Huawei and possibly Oppo (who, amongst other things, are sponsors of the Indian cricket team which gives you some idea as to their long term thinking) but you may not be paying close attention to Xiaomi who last week announced plans to launch more than ten 5G smartphone models in 2020. With a market share of 11.8% of China’s smartphones, Xiaomi are banking on the fast rollout of 5G in China next year which they hope will propel them up the rankings. See more here

One area where Xiaomi is already regarded as a market leader is the fast growing market of smart speakers for the home which, according to Technode has “evolved from niche gadgets into one of the most popular electronic devices in Chinese households, making the country the largest market for the product worldwide. The device’s popularity is partially due to a price war between Chinese tech giants including Alibaba, Baidu, and Xiaomi, slashing average prices to under $20 from about $100 in 2017”

There are around 35 million households with smart speakers in China and, according to a recent survey conducted by Strategy Analytics “some 59% of respondents say that they can’t imagine living without the gadget. Xiaomi is the most well-known brand, with 71% of consumers surveyed recognising them as having a smart speaker on offer, compared with Huawei at 53%, Baidu at 47%, and Alibaba at 37%”.

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