The Other 6 Billion

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You could be forgiven for thinking, after a routine scan of the media headlines and your favourite social media sites, that everyone in the world is focused on one issue – the ‘US-China trade war’ – including the cultural, political, economic and ideological divide that is currently playing out between the world’s two largest economies in the build up to the next US Election. This one-eyed view of the world tends to ignore the hopes, dreams and aspirations of over 6 billion people who are neither American or Chinese and have their own interests to pursue.

The “other 6 billion” includes the 144 million Russians, 126 million Japanese, 195 million Nigerians, 106 million Filipinos and 267 million Indonesians (amongst others) who may have a passing interest/amusement in the US President’s twitter feed but, like you and me, spend most of their days deciding what’s in their own best interests (mainly from a personal point of view but occasionally considering their own national interests). I would guess that this includes the age-old rhetorical question, “What’s in it for me?”.

As mentioned in my blog, China has the Money and the Market, 128 of 190 countries regard China as their No. 1 trading partner and, whilst some of them feel an historical allegiance towards America, some of them don’t, including some who would actually prefer to live in a world which follows China’s commitment to collectivism, globalisation, family values, high quality infrastructure and technology, environmental protection and the eradication of poverty.

When making your own decisions about how you feel about the US-China relationship, and how this impacts on your life (if indeed it does) don’t forget that the other 6 billion are important too.

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