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Some fascinating insights here from The Fashion Law (TLG) on the attitudes of affluent customers in different countries towards privacy and their willingness to share personal data and information. This is particularly relevant at a time when Governments are rolling out contact tracing apps to track personal location data and the risk of users encountering someone known to be infected with COVID-19.

According to TLG, “Countries where affluent consumers are least inclined to share medical and health information are Canada (6%), the U.S. (8%), and Germany (8%), while medical data sharing acceptance runs more at higher rates in China (27%) and South Korea (24%). In similar fashion, affluent consumers from Germany (9%) and the U.S. (11%) are least likely to share location data, while China’s (21%) acceptance rate for personal tracking is second only to that of France (23%), a country that has endured major terrorist attacks in the past decade and places a premium on security. Gender is not a major factor influencing the inclination to share these types of data, but age weighs heavily, with millennials under 40 years of age are more inclined than Baby Boomers to share personal data”.

It goes without saying that affluent consumers in the US and China are at different ends of the spectrum when it comes to their attitudes towards privacy and the sharing of personal data: “In addition to location data and medical information, affluent Chinese consumers have a greater propensity than Americans to share data across all eight categories of personal data under consideration: lifestyle/interests (60% vs. 38%); products owned (50% vs. 38%); spending (38% vs. 23%); fitness and wellness (50% vs. 15%); business travel (37% vs. 14%); browsing history (40% vs. 14%).

There’s lots of relevant data and information in this short article. It’s well worth reading in full.


Found this issue interesting? Share on your social network!

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