Second Wave

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China led the world into the start of the Covid 19 crisis, so I guess it’s no surprise to find that they are the first country to have to encounter the horrors of a “second wave”, which has struck the part of the country which, by all accounts, was the most protected, the capital of Beijing.

According to Caixin, “Beijing is back on alert after a new cluster of Covid-19 infections was linked to a wholesale food market that supplies 80% of the city’s meat and vegetables. After logging no new infections for nearly two months, Beijing added 79 new cases since Thursday”.

The response has been fast and immediate: “nearly 100,000 community workers were dispatched to knock on doors of residents and trace about 200,000 people who were exposed to the Xinfadi market. As of Sunday, all of the more than 8,000 vendors and employees at the market were tested and transferred to central sites for medical observation. More than 20 residential complexes near the market were locked down, and 90,000 residents are undergoing nucleic acid tests”.

Let’s hope this can be contained quickly. The next few days will be crucial.


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