School Days

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Following on from yesterday’s China Bites on the topic of “Diversity”, please forgive me for indulging in this opportunity to show you one of my favourite photographs, taken a decade ago of my daughter, Martha, with her friends at Abbotsleigh School on the Upper North Shore of Sydney. She’s the one at the bottom/centre.

At the time (2010), Abbotsleigh wasn’t particularly well known for embracing diversity (in relation to religion, race, sexual preferences etc.) and it’s easy to forget how much has changed in just the past decade. Martha wasn’t participating in some kind of social experiment in her choice of girls to hang out with during the school breaks. These were her friends. At the time, I know she never even thought about their ethnicity, background or family origins.

It seems to me that the challenges of embracing diversity come later, in adult life, in the workplace, in communities, in politics, in the media and when the stakes are considerably higher. So it’s worth reminding ourselves that these issues didn’t exist during our school days.

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