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Following on from yesterday’s China Bites on Mark Tanner’s recent presentation to ACSME members, I would like to pick up on the point he made about the impact of geo-politics and attitudes displayed towards China on the perceptions, and therefore likely purchasing choices, of Chinese consumers. See chart below (with thanks to China Skinny).

Whilst it goes without saying that Chinese consumers have a preference to buy chinese made products (although probably not as much as it would be in some other countries) it’s interesting to see New Zealand, Japan, Germany and Russia on the positive side of the ledger, a short term window of opportunity for their companies and brands to drive home their home based credentials and attitudes towards China, and get ahead of the competition.

On the other side, products promoted by companies from Australia, Thailand, UK, Canada, Taiwan and the USA now have their work cut out to overcome negative perceptions about their country of origin. This is easier said than done. If you’ve historically built your brand and marketing messages around your British, Canadian or Aussie heritage, it’s not going to be so easy to tear this all up and start again.

It’s hard to believe that this is the ‘new normal’. I still remain optimistic that Governments around the world will modify some of their anti China rhetoric when faced with the stark economic reality facing their local business communities, post Covid. Most of these countries see China as their largest and most important trading partner and can hardly afford to find themselves permanently on the negative side of the perceptions ledger.

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