Malaysia is 5G Ready

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I spent last Christmas and New Year in Kuala Lumpur (seems like an age ago now!) and was struck by how far Malaysia had advanced with their 5G rollout. We had access to wireless 5G in the apartment we were staying at and it was exhilarating to try out 5G on my own phone.

According to Disruptive Tech Asean (DTA), “while countries around the world are still deciding on which 5G provider to work with, Huawei has well established itself in Malaysia for ensuring 5G services are ready to be deployed. The tech company has been involved with the software and infrastructure roll-out in the country and have partnered with numerous telco companies across Malaysia”.

I bet you wouldn’t have put Malaysia at the top of your list of countries ready to flick the switch on 5G, after China? The timing for going live is now waiting “on when regulators will make the spectrum available” so don’t put your house on it yet. But it’s a good example of how many countries who are willing to work with Huawei will find themselves ahead of the competition in download speeds, live streaming, e-commerce and advanced manufacturing.


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