Locked down in China – a colleague’s perspective

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In recent days I’ve been thinking about how I can continue to fulfil my promise to China Bites readers to deliver relevant, topical and interesting news from China at a time when all the news is dominated by one issue, COVID-19. With everyone preoccupied with their own emotions, fears and decision-making at a time of extreme disruption and uncertainty, it seems that what everyone needs now is leadership and a calm perspective which will be helpful as we face the future, whatever that holds. 

Where news from China can be particularly helpful is to learn from those who have been through this crisis already, have experienced periods of isolation, are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and can now look back and reflect on what they learnt about themselves, their families, their country and their communities. Their advice and insights will be helpful to all of us as we start this process ourselves (as appears to be expected) and can be a source of confidence and encouragement as we manage our emotions and provide care and compassion to others.

To start this process, I am sharing this short video from my young colleague, Nathan Li, who returned to Guangzhou to visit his parents for Chinese New Year and, despite his plans to return to Sydney University last month, hasn’t come back since. He’s spent the whole time in China at home in quarantine and is now urging us all to think about four things: Care, Plan, Trust and Respect. I hope you find this interesting.

I’ll be sharing more insights from my friends and colleagues in China on this topic in the coming days. I hope you find it helpful.

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