Live from Guangzhou

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Wherever you are in the western world, you’re having your views on China tested and challenged by the constant barrage of media commentary and political analysis which seems to get louder and louder each day.

It’s easy to forget that in China, a country of 1.3 billion people, the life of normal people is hardly affected by any of this. They don’t rely on State owned media to keep them informed, and local social media is heavily censored. There is talk of negative perceptions about the US and some other foreign Governments having some impact on buying perceptions and behaviour, and a general move towards buying products and brands which are Chinese owned, but you’ll still find it hard to find a table in McDonalds or Starbucks if you wander in during peak hour.

Here in Australia, SME business owners are very concerned about the deteriorating Australia-China political relationship and there are good reasons for this as we face up to the post Covid economic reality when Government subsidies are expected to cease. That’s why I’ve set up a live video chat with a young Aussie, Michael Harding, who is based in Guangzhou and can give us some real insights from local consumers and customers on the ground. Please click on the video link below to learn more and, if you’d like to join me for this, please register and I’ll see you on Thursday.

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