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As a regular reader of China Bites, you’ll know that I have a broad range of views when it comes to China’s place in the world today, it’s relationship with other countries in the areas of trade, investment and business, and the opportunities for entrepreneurs, SMEs, investors and business leaders to reach out and engage with the world’s fastest growing consumer market.

I would therefore like to invite you to attend an “Ask David Anything” webinar in the coming months. At one of these online sessions you can talk to me about anything that’s on your mind, including:

  • a business idea or opportunity that you think might work in China
  • something you’ve read or heard which has prompted an idea or concern in your mind
  • a request to be connected with an expert in a specialist area or field who can solve a particular problem or challenge you are faced with
  • an opportunity for you to discuss or challenge anything I’ve written about which you disagree with

Please watch this brief video for more details and click on this link to register for the next session on Thursday, 1st October 2020. I look forward to seeing you. 

Found this issue interesting? Share on your social network!

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