Good news from Hong Kong

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I’ve been heartened to hear the good news from my friends in Hong Kong about the reducing number of Covid 19 infections in the community and the prospects of a relaxation in social distancing measures, schools re-opening and a return towards “normalcy”.

According to Caixin “Hong Kong has reported zero new daily cases for 10 of the past 16 days and hasn’t seen a virus-related death since mid-March. Almost all of the newer infections were found in people with a recent travel history”. As well as the opening up of schools, kindergartens and the distribution of face masks, “bars, gyms, cinemas, gaming centers, massage parlors and mahjong parlors to resume operations, with some restrictions”.

Of course, there are concerns about the potential for a resumption of anti-democracy protests, not to mention a ‘second wave’ of infections, but what a great opportunity this is for Hong Kong to get its economy back on track and quickly bounce back from their ‘annus horribilis’ in 2019. Perhaps my October flights may work after all!

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