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Many thanks to everyone for all the nice comments and feedback received from last week’s Four Critical Success Factors e-book and a reminder for you to check out all the e-books I have written on similar and relevant topics which can now be found on the China Bites web site:

As previously mentioned, we’re living through a curious period of introspection and polarisation, no doubt caused by the global pandemic, the US Election and scary media headlines about the rise of China and the state of the global economy. I agree that there are plenty of things to worry about.

But I also believe that this is the time for clear-headed entrepreneurs and business leaders to focus on new markets, and this should involve China and the Asian region which, despite economic setbacks caused by Covid-19, still has a fast growing middle class with money to spend.

At the very least, you should be using this period to weigh up your options and to do some research. I know many people and trusted suppliers who can assist. Please let me know if I can help? 

Found this issue interesting? Share on your social network!

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