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From Renee Hodgkinson in Beijing (in lockdown at home since 28th January 2020):

Work – with working from home, a new agreed upon routine and structure (with your partner) helps with the transition. Have set start times for work, a quiet place to work and (if possible) shared children care so that both partners can meet their responsibilities. 

Family – find new and creative ways to teach the children, who may be out of school. Treat yourself to fun things like bubble baths, new recipes, learning on-line, redecorating, ‘Spring cleaning’, getting on projects that you never had time for. 

Balance – understand what you need to keep balanced. Time for meditation, walks alone, at-home exercises routines, and stocking up to ensure that there’s no ‘supplies-stress’. 

Patience – you are not in this alone, and even though we are not sure how long this will carry on, everyone is doing their best.

I hope the above provides some ideas and direction to help you get started. I’ll be sharing more relevant stories and lessons from those who have already been through it and are starting to plan for the future. In addition to helping us get through this, it will give us some clues as to when we can expect China’s economy to recover.

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Found this issue interesting? Share on your social network!

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