Emerging from the Bunker

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I think it’s interesting to note that, after 6 months in the bunker, I have suddenly been booked to speak to various business groups on the topic of “what’s happening in China”. I’m not talking about large scale conferences and big live events. More boardroom table discussions and executive roundtable events which gives me the opportunity to talk about (a) how China is emerging post Covid, (b) how we should view recent geo-political developments, and (c) what are the business opportunities worth exploring in China. Readers of China Bites will already be aware of many of my thoughts on each of these topics, but it will be interesting to see how CEOs react to some of my more pro-China views in the current political climate!’

I don’t know if this is an indicator worth noting, or just a coincidence, but it all happened without notice in just the last week! I may be wrong, but it seems that senior business leaders are emerging from their own bunkers (where they have been grappling with issues relating to safety, sanity and survival) and wondering what the world looks like post Covid and, in particular, whether China should be part of their long term recovery plan.

I’ll be reporting back when I have more news to report on this but perhaps this is the “end of the beginning” of the COVID-19 period. I hope I’m right. If you’d like me to come and talk to your stakeholders about my thoughts on China, you can find me at www.davidthomas.asia

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