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I don’t know exactly when I’ll be able to go back to China but I’m pretty sure that, when the time comes, I’ll have the option to travel in the back of a driverless car.

According to this video from the WSJ, Why Self-Driving Cars Are Getting a Boost In China, it seems that Chinese start up companies are “using the time that the pandemic has bought them to get ahead” with the development and testing of self-driving vehicles, resulting in a doubling of their existing driverless fleet, with a particular focus on Shanghai and Shenzhen.  

According to the WSJ, “the urgency to limit face-to-face interactions during the pandemic has also helped companies to raise US$1.4 billion this year” with new startup, AutoX at the cutting edge of these developments. In addition, the Chinese Government have confirmed their own support, saying that “one-third of all cars produced in China should be self-driving by 2025”.

Quite apart from the benefits of driverless taxis and ride-sharing services, perhaps the greatest application for driverless technology is in the world of ecommerce, with self-driving trucks, delivery carts, vehicles and drones being increasingly used to meet the rising consumer demand. But don’t take my word for it, it’s all here in the video:

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