Drinking from a Fire Hose

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Success in China was once described to me as “Drinking from a Fire Hose” which is a good analogy to describe what it feels like to cope with the exhilarating/terrifying/challenging (delete words as appropriate) stream of requests, enquiries and orders that can arise from a successful promotional campaign in the world’s fastest growing consumer market.

My favourite example of this phenomena is the story of Bobby the Bear from the Bridestowe Estate Lavender Farm in Tasmania in 2014 which is held up as a warning to all budding entrepreneurs to be careful what you wish for when targeting the Chinese market. If you haven’t heard of this story before, it’s well worth a read. I once met Robert Ravens and heard his story of living through this life-changing experience which could never have been predicted in advance and was overwhelming to all of those who lived through it.

It’s another good example of why you must be highly targeted in your marketing strategy for China and have your supply chain and technology ready and stress-tested in advance.

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