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I have recently got to know Ashley Galina Dudarenok, a fearless young Russian entrepreneur who shares my passion for China and has built her own digital marketing agency in Hong Kong. She is also an engaging and entertaining speaker.

She recently introduced me to her TED talk with the alluring title of “What You Didn’t Know About Communism – Women Role Models in Soviet Russia and China” which I highly recommend (see link to YouTube video below).

Apart from some interesting and amusing anecdotes and stories about the role of women in communist Russia during the time she grew up, Ashley presents two compelling statistics to prove her point that “China is the world’s best breeding ground for female entrepreneurs”: 114 out of the world’s 147 self-made Women Billionaires are Chinese (80% of the global total of female billionaires). Women account for 55% of all Chinese Internet entrepreneurs

Not surprisingly, given these numbers, Ashley is on her own path to success as a female entrepreneur but you won’t want to miss the end of her talk which provides some unique insights into her search for a mentor and role model to help her through the challenging and difficult days faced by all small business owners. A very powerful message for all budding female entrepreneurs, especially for our daughters.

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