Cultural Interlude

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Let’s finish the week with a bit of Chinese culture. Week in China celebrated its 500th issue recently saying: “When we were looking back it struck us that while we have talked about many of the key elements of China’s long history, we have fallen a bit short in mentioning another integral part of Chinese culture: its poetry”.

They went on to say “partly to remedy this, here is a video recital of one of China’s best-known modern poems (with a subtitled English translation). ‘Farewell Again, Cambridge’ is an iconic poem taught to Chinese schoolchildren and regarded as poet Xu Zhimo’s masterpiece. He composed it after time spent at the British university in the 1920s”.

The poem is read by one of the most recognised Western personalities in China, Mark Rowswell, (a.k.a. ‘Dashan’), a Canadian who has studied and worked in China extensively since 1988, and is celebrated for his perfect Mandarin Chinese and his television and stage appearances. At only 1.6 minutes long, it will enthral and charm you.

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