Cultural Intelligence

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If there’s one skill we all need to master as we navigate the challenges and opportunities of living in the Asian Century, its Cultural Intelligence (often known referred to as “CQ”) and I encourage all China Bites readers and friends to attend our next ACSME Webinar on this topic next Thursday 14th May at 12.30pm (Sydney time). Please click on this link to register.

As I explain in the video below, we have two amazing speakers lined up to address this topic, Tracy Driscoll and Poli Tan, who will be leveraging their deep knowledge and experience by addressing the 3 key questions: “What is CQ?”, “Why is it important?” and “How can you develop it?” and I know everyone is going to get great value from this, whatever your cultural heritage, background or bias (conscious or unconscious!).

I recently completed an online tool to measure my own cultural competency and, like many things in my life, found that my assessment of my own abilities exceeded my actual ability, and so I still have lots to learn to improve my own CQ. I therefore hope you’ll all join me for this free Webinar on 14th May but, if you can’t make it, please let us know and we’ll send you the recording.

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