Creativity and Confidence

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From my old friend, Dr Xisu Wang in Beijing:

“In Beijing we are following the Government’s advice and have stayed at home, though we don’t think things are that bad. We believe that the Government is working for the good of the whole nation so nobody should break the rules. People are extremely confident and have not showed visible signs of panic.

Life is made easier by the latest technology. We spend more time on WeChat and communicate more with old friends. Kids are permitted more time playing online games.  Online education courses offerings are numerous and most of them are free. A good time to learn new skills and explore new areas of interest.  

Some interesting observations:  

  • People have improved their cooking skills
  • Husbands and wives have improved their relations as they do things and talk together as never before
  • People are becoming creative. Many are making their own home videos poking fun at themselves and posting them on the internet. We have watched dozens, many of them meeting a high professional standard
  • Some businesses have found new opportunities in the crisis. Some heavy industrial companies have developed new capabilities to design and develop fever testing devices, disinfectants, sanitisers, facial masks and protective gear. Some have developed robots to reduce the risks for medical staff by helping sick patients with basic needs. IT companies are using big-data to track movements of the infected.

It is difficult to get business back to normal. The local Government of a tourist district in Nanjing is troubled by the slow recovery and has urged Government officials and CPC members to take the lead in helping small businesses by encouraging people to eat in local restaurants. They’ve even suggested imposing a minimum spend of 100 yuan per person per day (this story sounds likely, but not verified)”.

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