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Adventure Tourism

Whilst its generally known that Chinese tourists are generally seeking different holiday experiences from westerners (who are more likely to enjoy lying around beaches, resorts and restaurants for weeks at a time) I didn’t realise how fast they have moved from a desire to “be pushed out of their comfort ...
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Cultural Cringe

When I grew up in the UK in the 60s and 70s, I remember British people complaining about the spread of American culture. In those days, we said “Hello” not “Hi”, we were corrected from saying “Yeah” instead of “Yes” and only the most rebellious kids got away with wearing ...
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How to communicate in china 3 top tips by david thomas

Boost your communication skills in China with 3 simple steps

Anyone who has had any experience of doing business in China will tell you that, despite common perceptions and assumptions, the greatest communication challenge is not usually caused by language differences. Direct V Indirect Communication Whilst of course you are always going to have a big advantage if you can ...
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Source: Lowly Institute, The Interpreter

Fear and Greed

If there’s one country that has got itself into a bind in trying to figure out where it sits in the world between a rampant Donald Trump and a rapidly growing China, it must surely be Australia! Look at this chart by Lowly Institute, The Interpreter : As so succinctly ...
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BRICS Summit 2019

Last week’s BRICS Summit, the 11th since the first BRIC Leaders Summit in 2009, appears to have been different from previous meetings for two important reasons. Firstly, there was a lot more media coverage than normal, and secondly, there were some real tangible outcomes and a focus on trade, investment ...
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China Market up 31%

It’s always dangerous to make predictions, particularly when it comes to Stock Markets, but I do recall saying back in March this year (see China Bites issue “Investing in China” on 5th March 2019) that “China’s stock markets were the worst performing in the world in 2018 so don’t be ...
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Singles Day 2019

Another Singles Day and another record for the Alibaba Group which, according to ZD Net “has amassed a record-high total gross merchandise volume of 268.4 billion yuan ($38.4 billion)” on 11/11/2019. To put this into context, and to see how far China’s consumer boom has come over the past 10 ...
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Accuracy before distance

As I was hacking my way around the golf course last Sunday, it occurred to me that doing business in China is a bit like playing golf. You get rewarded for accuracy rather than distance. You score better if you hit consistently down the middle of the fairway rather than ...
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Buy China?

I’ve been saying for a long time that the decision by MSCI (whose indices make up global investment benchmarks adopted by the largest institutional fund managers) to increase their weighting to China is a big deal in terms of institutional fund flows and the future direction of China’s A share ...
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Ease of Doing Business

Perhaps you’ve already noticed, and if not I’d like to bring this to your attention, that China is making various announcements to introduce new laws and regulations designed to make it easier for foreigners to visit, invest and do business in China. Of course there are reasons for the timing ...
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