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I enjoy reading Week in China which recently passed its 500th issue and, to showcase the thousands of photos selected over a decade of weekly publishing, they have now launched an e-book with a selection of their favourites. You can download it here.

Describing the collection of photos: “the photos featured here range from the dramatic to the quirky but they show China’s many faces – from its incredible feats of infrastructure (such as the Beipanjiang Bridge) to early efforts in robotics (farmer Wu’s homemade contraptions) to China’s logistics revolution (at least eight million food delivery drivers on the roads today). And perhaps you remember the hotel that was built in six days in 2010? From astronauts to Shaolin monks to Mickey Mouse and pandas… all are featured here. Hopefully the photos will stir some memories and give some food for thought on how much China has changed in the past decade or so”.

These 60 photos illustrate a 10 year period when China’s relationship with the rest of the world was at its absolute best. Who can resist the photos of President Xi showing off his footballing skills in Manchester (page 27) and the six year-old Jiang quadruplets with shaved numbers on their heads so their teachers could identify them (page 12). It’s a reminder that China is a country of contrasts and complexity. Be careful not to generalise or make sweeping assumptions and, above all, never under-estimate the resilience, resolve and spirit of the Chinese.


Found this issue interesting? Share on your social network!

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