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In addition to a Deep Niche, successful product and services providers in China need to develop a compelling “Brand Story” which will appeal to Chinese customers and clients in a crowded, noisy and competitive market. There really is no limit to how much time, effort and expense can be involved in getting this right, and many examples of high profile brands and companies who consistently get it wrong.

So what are the critical elements involved in developing a compelling “Brand Story”? Here are some thoughts for foreign companies to consider whilst doing their research:

  • Longevity – long term, historical, with a rich and deep cultural heritage/background
  • Innovative – includes unique cutting edge design and/or engineering elements
  • Prestigious – appeals to aspirational and motivated consumers with a big dream and/or vision for themselves, their business and/or their family
  • Elegance – exudes quality, class and premium positioning
  • Personal – reflects traditional family values and lifestyle
  • Fresh – new, existing and shiny which hasn’t been seen before
  • International/Local – skillfully articulates the benefits, features and strengths of the country of origin
  • Chinese – in chinese language with appropriate symbolism, nuance, respect and cultural awareness

Developing a successful “Brand Story” is more of an ‘art’ than a ‘science’, although it consistently trips up large foreign players who can boast high brand equity and recognition in their home country and/or other international markets but end up getting it wrong in China. Past results are no guarantee of future success!

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