Blind Boxes

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I am grateful to my friends at China Skinny for alerting me to the latest trend in Chinese consumerism, the ‘Blind Box’, “where consumers purchase an unknown product from a brand for a set price. Xiaomi’s version involves a take on the classic lucky dip, where suitcase purchasers open their luggage to find a potentially-valuable product inside ranging from feature-packed smartphones to cute collectables”.

As they go on to say, “these are all tactics that have been around for generations globally, from collectable baseball cards to lucky dip bags of sweets, but they are very much on trend in China at present. Chinese consumers have come to expect an element of surprise and delight with many things they buy and the blind box is proving to be an effective way of meeting that”.

As you can see from reading the full article below, China’s ‘Blind Box’ economy is delivering results: “Research last year found that nearly 200,000 consumers spent an average of ¥20,000 (US$2,800) collecting blind boxes, with the top bracket spending as much as ¥1 million (US$143,000) to complete their sets. Tens of millions of others are tempted by collectables that come with purchases”.

Just another example of how old ideas are new again in China!


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