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When I see a headline saying that a foreign product is “flying off the shelves in China”, it certainly gets my attention, particularly during these challenging times of Covid19.

Tapping into what they see as “a formidable appetite for premium consumer goods in the Chinese market”, Australian owned and operated health and wellness company Meluka Australia are positioning themselves as a quality supplier of Australian native honey, a great example to other Australian SMEs who are still weighing up their options in China.

According to a report from Stockhead, Meluka have already sent two shipments of native honey products to China this year (in March and June) which were both sold out, and a third now in process. Most importantly, they have had no issues with freight, shipping and logistics services so far and their chinese distributor, Yandi Biotech (a leading Chinese green life and health care distribution company with over one million members in its distribution network) are performing well.

This looks to me like a timely and useful case study for all premium food and health brands to consider in their deliberations about the merits or otherwise of doing business in China, particularly those worrying about political tensions and a potential consumer backlash, and a good reason to get on with it.


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  1. Interesting to know that the Chinese love honey so much.

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