60 Years

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I turned 60 recently and it really is quite amazing to think about the changes that the world has witnessed since the year of my birth, 1960, the year that JFK was elected to be US President, and America was a young and vibrant country focused (amongst other things) on lofty world-enhancing projects like putting a man on the moon. Growing up in the UK, it was a sad reality for the British to accept that its glory days were behind them, and the greatest threat to the world at that time was communism and the nuclear threat, with the USSR as the prime enemy. Looking back, it all seems so simple now, but I’m sure it didn’t at the time to the two generations before me who, by all accounts, lived in fear of a nuclear disaster.

30 years later, I made my first trips to China and India and, whilst I was enthralled by both countries, it was hard to predict that either country would become an economic super-power during my lifetime. Historians are already saying that the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 is the defining moment of our generation and it’s hard to argue with this bearing in mind what happened next. Despite my obsession for a while in the economic prospects for the four BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India and China), it has been China ever since. Now we’re witnessing another changing of the guard which will define the next generation, and no doubt the one after that.

I recently put this video together telling my China Journey and how I see things playing out from here. It’s only short (3 mins) and, if you had any comments or suggestions, I would be pleased to receive them.

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