5G Machinery

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The rollout of 5G in China is already throwing up some interesting possibilities, including the opportunity for crane and machinery operators to do their jobs without having to leave home. See Miners in China work from home using 5G-enabled machinery to do heavy lifting

According to CCTV “5G technology enables workers to remotely control equipment at the mine with precision, owing to the high speed and low latency connectivity. This translates to workers being able to see what they are doing in real-time as they carry out rough but delicate work on site”.

Apart from the benefits of maintaining productivity during Covid outbreaks, Chinese migrant workers will now have the chance to work
on multiple sites from the comfort of their own homes. These are early days in the process of discovering the full capabilities of 5G, and no doubt many mistakes and challenges to be encountered along the way, but it seems that we’ll be looking to China to take the lead on 5G from now on.

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