4 Critical Success Factors

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Over the past week or so, you’ll have noticed that I’ve touched on four critical areas which I believe are essential for foreign product and services providers to address when doing their research and formulating a market entry strategy for China. These are:

  • A Deep Niche
  • A compelling Brand Story
  • Financial Capacity
  • Cultural Awareness

This inspired me to create a new e-book, “Four Critical Success Factors to Win in China” which I invite you to download here and share with colleagues, friends, clients and others who will find this to be a useful roadmap as they formulate their China entry strategy and consider doing some research. I can help anyone who needs support and/or introductions to trusted suppliers.

Let me say that I understand that not everybody shares my passion for China right now, and some may even have negative thoughts around China’s recent assertiveness, the origins of Covid, global geo-politics and the US-China Trade War. It’s all totally understandable given recent developments and increasingly grating media headlines.

However, whilst it’s totally fine to have concerns about ideological differences, China will be an important market in the post Covid economic recovery and, with many companies facing tough local market conditions and even business closures, China’s 400 million middle class consumers offer a potential lifeline. This would be a good time for any business to start researching their options in the world’s fastest growing economy and I hope the attached e-book offers some helpful guidelines.

Found this issue interesting? Share on your social network!

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