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Emerging from the Bunker

I think it's interesting to note that, after 6 months in the bunker, I have suddenly been booked to speak ...
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Pure by Nature

In a move that seems likely to create a bonanza for dairy farmers around the world, renowned Chinese doctors and ...
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Why China? (continued)

Many thanks to all China Bites readers who commented on, and added to, my list of compelling reasons for why ...
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Beyond the Headlines

Back in the second half of 1989, when Governments all around the world broke off diplomatic relations with China and ...
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During a campaign speech in 1959, JFK was one of the first westerners to say in public: “in the chinese ...
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Playing Poker

As the Internet grew and developed in the 1980s, China (being a fraction of the size it is today) saw ...
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The process of entering the China market is long, complex and challenging. There are important Do’s and Dont’s, and you should avoid taking short cuts. In my “eight critical steps” you will learn how to get started, what to be aware of, and how you can give yourself the best chance of success over time.

The Ultimate Guide

In the hope that business owners will use this period of lockdown to think beyond the horizon and start planning ahead by focusing on the one market that is likely to bounce back quite quickly and soon from this economic disaster, I have re-released my “8 Critical Steps” e-book under the new heading of the “Ultimate Guide to entering the China market for SMEs”. Please download your copy by clicking on this link and feel free to pass this on to others who might also be interested in exploring their options now, while they can.




David Thomas

Keynote speaker on Future Trends, Innovation, Leadership and Globalisation, David motivates and educates global business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors about the massive potential offered by modern China. Having worked with SMEs from many industry sectors, David’s experience and expertise is broad and deep.These industries include food, healthcare, education, tourism, real estate, retail, professional services and technology. He regularly speaks at Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Board Meetings around the world to a wide range of audiences and is well known in the Asia Pacific region as a ‘China Expert’.

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